Bagel Care

Why Water-Boiled Bagels? While steaming might be easier and cheaper, there is simply no substitute for bathing the raw bagels in a boiling kettle of water before baking. This contributes to the shiny, golden, chewy crust that NY Bagels are famous for.Bagels, when defrosted, have a short but active life of four days because they contain no preservatives. To best deal with this slight eccentricity, your bagels must be kept in a well-secured plastic bag at all times to ensure their freshness. Store them in your refrigerator or freezer.

Keep your bagels fresh to enjoy BB’s Bagels as long as possible.. The fresh taste and chewy texture comes from the moisture in the center of the bagel which is protected by the baked skin. Over time, the bagel will dry out if the moisture is not sealed in, so we offer the following tips to help preserve your BB’s Bagels freshness.

Freezing your bagels while they are still fresh is the key to preserving their taste and texture over time. At home, keep as many bagels out as you plan to eat over the next day and prepare the rest for freezing. One option is to slice the bagels first and place them in a plastic bag (freezer bags are preferable) to freeze them. This allows you to take out a pre-sliced bagel and place it directly in the toaster (our bagels toast well directly from the freezer). A second option is to place the unsliced bagels in a plastic bag and freeze them. Some bagel connoisseurs believe that this better seals in the moisture within the bagel. When ready to eat, place the frozen bagel in a microwave on High for 25-30 seconds to defrost it (defrost time will vary with different microwaves) or longer to make it warm inside. Then slice the bagel and toast it or eat right away.

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